Runaway & Homeless Services

Runaway Youth

As of January 1, 2009, the Wayne County Department of Aging and Youth is providing services to runaway youth. A runaway youth is defined as a youth between the ages of 12 to 17 that refuses to stay at home for a variety of reasons. Services that are provided include:

  • Advocacy
  • Case management
  • Educational support
  • Family mediation
  • Resource referral information

If you are a runaway or you are a person who would like to help a runaway please call 800-216-5693 for assistance.

For further information about the Wayne County Runaway Program please contact Kathy McGonigal, Deputy Director for Youth. You can also call toll-free at 800-216-5693

If you need to call after business hours, on weekends, or on holidays call toll-free at 866-343-8808.

Homeless Program

Wayne County Pre-Trial Services provides short-term crisis management to assist youth in obtaining:

  • Clothing
  • Counseling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Food
  • Independent living skills
  • Shelter
  • Substance abuse prevention

A homeless youth is defined as a person under the age of twenty-one who is in need of services and is without a stable and appropriate shelter where supervision and care are available.

203 W. Miller Street
2nd Floor
Newark, NY, 14513
Phone: 315-331-0897
Toll-Free Phone: 888-231-9650