Wayne County Bicentennial

Wayne County New York Bicentennial 1823-2023


April 11th

Founders Day Ceremony & Celebration 

Join us for Our 200th Birthday Celebration on April 11, 2023 in Lyons, NY. 



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NYS Proclamation

By adoption of the NY Assembly, on February 28, 2023, introduced by Assemblyman Brian Manktelow of Lyons, NY - AD 130, a proclamation commemorating the 200th anniversary of Wayne County. Read Here

Wayne County is named after Brigadier General Anthony Wayne, an important General during the Revolutionary War. Because of Wayne’s aggressive style of fighting, he was sometimes referred to as “Mad” Anthony Wayne. There are now 15 counties across the U.S. named after General Wayne. 

Established April 11, 1823 from Ontario and Seneca Counties,  Wayne County was officially acknowledged by New York State Legislature but only included 8 original towns. Now, almost 200 years later, our county has begun to celebrate this auspicious occasion of history, maturity, and heritage. 

Take a minute to browse the many links provided here for upcoming events and keep sakes created for this milestone, such as the Bicentennial Calendar, Memory Book, Activity Book, Town Info Cards, Bicentennial Float, Bicentennial Minutes, and so much more. 

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