Arcadia MuseumThe town of Arcadia was formed from the town of Lyons on February 15, 1825. Arcadia is comprised of approximately 31,000 acres of fertile soil and gently rolling drumlins, the highest point of which is Brantling Hill, Wayne County's only ski slope, and the lowest point of which is the nationally known Zurich Bog.

The village of Newark was first called Miller's Basin in honor of Capt. Joseph Miller who contracted to build a section of the Erie Canal through this region. About three quarters of a mile east of Newark a settlement later known as Lockville began around 1805. It became known as Lockville because of the three locks built near the settlement on the original Erie Canal. In 1839, the settlement of Lockville became incorporated as the village of Arcadia. Newark and Lockville both prospered as a result of the Erie Canal, and in 1853, the village of Newark was incorporated. The former village of Arcadia (Lockville) was included in the corporation.

The hamlet of Hydesville, northwest of the village of Newark became known throughout the world as the birthplace of modern Spiritualism, when, allegedly, Margaret and Katie Fox made contact with the spirit world on March 31, 1848.

Today, the population of the town of Arcadia numbers 14,889, with 9,682 living in the village of Newark. Newark is known as Wayne County's center of industry, with such well-known companies as Fold-Pak Corporation, Hallagan Manufacturing, IEC Electronics and UltraLife Batteries.

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