Housing is a predictive factor for workforce, municipal, and school planning as well as a necessity for new residents or underserved populations. The local process for preserving existing housing or adding new housing can be complex and often involves municipal and county board review as well as buy-in from private sector property owners and developers. Wayne County Planning recently completed a comprehensive housing plan to review the overall condition of housing in the county. Other Housing Studies to date have identified derelict properties and affordable housing opportunities.

Business Panel Discussion: Housing in Wayne County - Recording of this discussion featured below. 

Affordable Housing Partner Programs

Landlord Assistance Program - Administered by the Housing Council at Pathstone for the benefit of Housing Voucher Recipients. 

Pre-Development Loan Program - Administered by the Greater Rochester Housing Partnership to assist existing affordable housing programs to grow their units. 

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Derelict Property Partners

Wayne County Regional Land Bank was created to address the problems of vacant, abandoned, derelict, contaminated, or tax delinquent property in Wayne County in a coordinated manner through the acquisition and disposition of real property and returning that property to productive use in order to strengthen the economy, improve the quality of life, and improve the financial condition of the municipalities, through the use of the powers and tools granted to Land Banks by the Laws of the State of New York.