Official Press Release 8/5/2021

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LYONS, NY – Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic it has been important to the health and safety of all Wayne County Residents to heed the advice and expertise of Wayne County Public Health and their messaging. Recent data shows that cases are on the rise once again, most likely due to the Delta variant of COVID-19 which has been proven to be drastically more contagious, and carries increased risks of severe illness, hospitalization, and death. In fact, Wayne County Public Health is now seeing more cases in children than ever before. Currently, 1 out of every 5 active cases are among our children.

The reality is, this virus does not abide by county lines; it does not pick and choose to whom and where it will be more impactful. Our active cases among Wayne County residents was in the single digits as recently as July 21st, but we now see cases on the rise at the same pace as we saw during the toughest parts of fall 2020. Due to this increase in positivity rate in our county, and the obvious increase of risks among our population who cannot yet be vaccinated, our children and others, the Wayne County Public Health Department in collaboration with the Board of Supervisors, County Administration and the Emergency Management Office strongly recommends wearing masks whenever in an indoor public space. This recommendation applies to all Wayne County residents, whether they are vaccinated or not.

It is also critical for our residents who have not yet been vaccinated to consider doing so, and to get their information about vaccination directly from our local experts on the matter, Wayne County Public Health. The vaccine is still effective against the Delta variant, and is extraordinarily effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and death. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 can help prevent our hospitals from once again becoming overrun with patients. 

We can get through this pandemic, but we must do so through uniting in our efforts. Wayne County Public Health has remained vigilant in protecting our health and safety for all residents, and should continue to be your first and best resource for updated information on how to stay safe, healthy, and protected during the ongoing pandemic. We all want to end this pandemic. Let us do so as one Wayne County.