2023 Agricultural District Review

2023 Through 2024 Agricultural District Number 1 Review and Modification

County of Wayne 2023 Ag District

In compliance with the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law, Wayne County is presently conducting a review of Agricultural District Number 1, a process scheduled to conclude on January 31, 2024. Parcels currently within the Agricultural District will automatically retain their status, unless a landowner submits a signed form requesting removal from the District. It is essential to note that the open enrollment period for enrolling land in the Ag District in 2024 is part of this ongoing process.

In October 2023 the County Board of Supervisors directed the County Department of Economic Development and Planning and the Wayne County Agricultural Development Board members (also known as the Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board), to prepare a comprehensive report and recommendation concerning Agricultural District #1, as mandated by NY AML 25AA Section 303-a.

The report will encompass the following key aspects:

  • (1) The nature and status of farming and farm resources within the District, including the total number of acres of land and the total number of acres of land in farm operations in the district;
  • (2) The extent to which the District has achieved its original objectives;
  • (3) The extent to which county and local comprehensive plans, policies and objectives are consistent with and support the district;
  • (4) The degree of coordination between local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations that apply to farm operations in such district and their influence on farming.

The Board of Supervisors anticipates that the District will be modified and continued as an essential land-use tool for farm operators. Modifications will be made based on any written requests received. Additional information can be found in the Related Documents section below.

Agricultural districts were established to help protect and promote a farmer's opportunity to operate a successful business. Many people own property that was included in an Agricultural District as part of a farm when the districts were first formed beginning in the 1970s. There are currently about 11,425 parcels and 293,000 acres in the Agricultural District. When a landowner subdivides a parcel of land that is in the Agricultural District, all parcels remain in the District until they are removed by their current owner during an eight-year review. Since this is a voluntary program, you have an opportunity to remove your property from the District by marking and returning the Add-Drop form by January 31, 2024.

  • After January 31, staff will prepare a report based on agricultural district review worksheets, gathered data and public input and the Wayne County Agricultural Development Board will make a final recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.
  • The Wayne County Board of Supervisors will then hold a public hearing for the modification of Agricultural District No. 1 at their regularly scheduled April 2024 meeting estimated to be Tuesday, April 16, 2024 at 9:05 A.M. in the Supervisors Chambers of the Wayne County Courthouse, 26 Church Street, Lyons. After receiving the report and recommendations of the Wayne County Agricultural Development Board and the public hearing, the Board of Supervisors will make a final decision on whether the district should be continued, terminated, or modified.

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